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Penn north breakfast

We are hosting a breakfast this morning to partner with Maryland CHI Penn North on the recovery, housing and rehabilitation efforts of those persons served.

For those unfamiliar with Penn North it is “a pioneer in wellness and recovery.” Being amongst the first to utilize the practice of acupuncture to treat addiction at a recovery facility, the first to provide 24 hour recovery, offering multiple programs to rehabilitate its clients; Penn North is Baltimore’s longest standing recovery community centers that contributes to a very tough part of the community. Penn North aides in the recovery of clients to be able to live fulfilling lives once again while programs offered by Step by Step help with the mental health and rehabilitation process with this client population. Step by Step and Penn North both have commonalities in their services. They both provide assistance in housing, education, and employment while focusing on the overall improvement in quality of life of those using their assistance.

To view more about Penn North visit their website below:

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